New Stuff!!

I have been working hard on some exiting new projects and wanted to share some of the new stuff that is coming... I have some amazing new stories that I've been working on for all ages! I have new stories for preschoolers, elementary school kids, older kids, and even adults.  I want to keep things new and fresh, and expand my horizons (and my story collection) as I approach my 20th (!) anniversary as a storyteller. 

Speaking of that anniversary, I will celebrate year number 20 with a really cool new show (more info on that coming soon) that will give people a look at my past, present, and future as a teller of tales!  

Aside from my anniversary show, I have also created several new themed shows for schools, libraries, and special events.  The shows cover lots of subjects and feature stories from around the world as well as some of my original works.  I have shows for Preschool - K, grades 1-3 and grades 4-6. Visit my "Programs" page for details about the new shows!

Along with new stories and new shows, I am also working on my new CD (title and release date TBA).  I am heading to CA in November to record it, and hopefully it will be out soon after!  While you wait for the new CD, you can get a copy of my current ones (Ticklish Tales / 6 Silly Stories /Spooky OOKY) right here.  You can also download tracks at Amazon, Spotify, or ITunes. 

While storytelling is what I do and who I am, I am also a teacher at heart.  To that end I have been developing a new motivational workshop for educators called "Teach Happy"  It is designed to help teachers love what they do and become better and more motivated professionals.  I have been doing the workshop locally, but I hope to expand it to schools and conferences across the country!

With all the new stuff coming, I need to make sure can handle it!  So over the next few months I will be making some changes to the site.  There will be new content, updates in different areas, cosmetic changes, and eventually some new additions.  I am contemplating a complete redesign of the site for 2016 to keep up with advances in technology and to get ready for my 21st year!!!

Thank for reading,

Big Joe :)