Birthdays - The Show

A birthday party is a way to celebrate a child's special day and what better way to make that day even more special than with a storytelling show!!

Big Joe puts on an amazing and exciting birthday show featuring...

Amazing Stories:

From a collection of over 500 tales, Big Joe has stories that will delight and amaze his audience. Some stories are familiar (Big Joe has the greatest version of the 3 Pigs ever!), some stories have never been heard, and some were written by Big Joe himself (look for his books in bookstores soon!). No matter what type of stories Big Joe tells, they all have one thing in common; they are fun and exciting. When choosing his tales, Big Joe makes sure to pick those that will be the most entertaining. Only stories that meet Big Joe's high standards will be used in his performances, ensuring his audience gets the best experience possible!

Puppets and Props:

As funny and engaging as Big Joe is audiences these days always want more! To give them more, Big Joe uses a whole menagerie of puppets and some very interesting props, to help bring his stories to life. While he is not a ventriloquist, Big Joe puts a lot of charm and energy into his puppets, making them a big part of his show. Combined with some fascinating props and other items, Big Joe's storytelling show takes things to a whole new level of fun!

Audience Participation:

Kids at birthday parties have lots of energy (and a wavering attention spans), so it is unfair to ask them to sit still and be quiet for a long period of time! Knowing this, Big Joe has added in a lot of audience participation elements, to make them part of the show. With different chants, finger plays, and group interaction, Big Joe gives his audience a chance to be expressive, get their wiggles out and, most of all, have fun!

Special story starring the birthday child:

It is your child's birthday... his/her special day... he/she is the STAR!! Big Joe knows this, and treats your child accordingly! Along with choosing stories he/she will like and catering to his/her interests, Big Joe always includes a special story where your child gets to be the star! Big Joe will guide him/her through the performance, give him/her lines, and make him/her feel like the star he/she is. If your child happens to be a bit shy or reserved, Big Joe simply uses his/her name in a story so that way he/she will get to feel extra special!


Big Joe carries with him a very cool and colorful trunk filled with his props and puppets. Also, inside are some special surprises! Whether it's a unique item (like Big Joe's glowing crystal sphere), a magic trick or his pet frog, Fred, Big Joe always has something that will thrill his audience. Along with all the other surprises, Big Joe always has one final surprise for the birthday child. At the end of the show, Big Joe gives the birthday child a special gift that will make his/her day. What is that special gift you ask? Well, if you have Big Joe at your child's party, you will find out!!