Booking / Availability


Big Joe is available seven days a week with…

Morning, afternoon, and evening openings:  Big Joe is a full-time storyteller, so he is able to book shows at any date or time you desire. No matter how early or how late you want, Big Joe will be there to entertain!

Advanced booking up to a year:  Because Big Joe is so popular, his schedule fills up quickly! To avoid missing out on the date and time you had in mind, you can book your show up to a year in advance!

Last minute booking up to a week before the date:  While he is very popular, Big Joe is not a global phenomenon (yet!). As a result, he may have space on his schedule, if you are looking for a last minute booking. It never hurts to try; if Big Joe can fit you into his schedule, he will!!

Secure bookings and no deposit needed to hold:  You don’t need to make a deposit to secure your booking. Just a confirmation is needed. Once you are in Big Joe’s book, he is guaranteed to be at your party unless he hears differently from you!

Cancelation Policy

You want to make sure you have entertainment for your party, and Big Joe makes every effort to ensure that happens. If for any reason Big Joe is unable to make it to your party, he will provide comparable entertainment at the same agreed upon fee. If you ever need to cancel, simply inform Big Joe within an appropriate amount of time, and he will take you off his schedule.


To book a Big Joe show, go to the contact section and fill out a form or give Big Joe a call and he will be happy to assist you!