Big Joe's Rates are...Lower than most other entertainers: Big Joe feels you don’t need to go broke to give your child a wonderful birthday.  As a result, he has set his prices lower than most other entertainers.  Please note, however, that even though his fees are less than most entertainers, the quality of his show is much higher!

Flexible enough to fit the needs of his clients: Big Joe’s rates are flexible and can adjust based on the size of your group, the age of your child, the length of show, the extra feature you desire, or any other need you may have.  No matter what your situation, Big Joe can provide a rate that will fit your needs and fit into your party budget!

Discounted for children who have seen Big Joe before: Seeing Big Joe in person and wanting him for your event is the best kind of advertising ever.  Recognizing this,  Big Joe offers discounted rates for families who have seen him before.  Whether you have seen him once or a whole bunch of times, Big Joe treats his fans with a very special rate.  Be sure to ask about this when booking!

Contact Big Joe to get more information on his current rates!