The Show

Big Joe has enriching and entertaining storytelling programs for grades K-8 featuring...

Original and classic stories:

From a collection of over 500 tales, Big Joe has stories that will delight and amaze his audience. Some stories are classics that are very familiar (Big Joe has a great version of King Midas and The Golden Touch!), some stories have never been heard, and some were written by Big Joe himself (look for his books in bookstores soon!). No matter what type of stories Big Joe tells, they all have one thing in common; they are fun and exciting. When choosing his tales, Big Joe only picks those that will be the most enriching and entertaining. Only stories that meet Big Joe's high standards will be used in his performances, ensuring his audience gets the best stories possible!

Multicultural tales from around the world:

Storytelling is a way to broaden a child's horizons and take him/her on a trip around the world, without ever leaving the classroom. Big Joe has a wonderful collection of multicultural tales that will captivate the imagination and show the audience people and places they have never seen before. All of Big Joe's multicultural stories respect the cultures they are from and preserve the meaning and message of their origins.

Age and developmentally appropriate content:

Realizing that children in different grades have different comprehension and development levels, Big Joe has material that will fit perfectly. The stories he uses will be the most appropriate for the children for whom he presents. If he is presenting for a group of mixed ages and grades, Big Joe uses his more multi-dimensional material that will hit on all levels and be suited for everyone, both young and old.

Curriculum Enhancement:

Big Joe has stories covering a wide range of themes and genres. As a result, his material can be used to enhance or expand upon material being presented in your classroom. No matter what the subject, Big Joe has stories that will fit perfectly. Students will get to see curriculum material from a different perspective and gain a better understanding about what is being taught. From history to science and everything in between, Big Joe can use his stories to bring excitement to your classroom!

Fascinating puppets and props:

While the spoken word is quite powerful, Big Joe adds a little something extra in the form of puppets and props. Using interesting items, as well as, finely crafted puppets, Big Joe adds a bit of visual appeal, helping his audience to get a better feel for his stories. Of course, Big Joe uses fewer puppets and props for the older grades, but every once in a while, he will throw something in for a comedic kick!

Audience participation:

Big Joe feels that storytelling is something everyone should take part in. As a result, he includes lots of opportunities for his audience to participate in the show. From different chants, to movements, to choral speaking and other types of actions, Big Joe lets students experience the stories in a whole new way.