Enrichment Programs

Big Joe offers a wide variety of enrichment programs that cover topics that are very relevant to today's students. By addressing issues such as health, money concepts, and the environment, Big Joe aims to have a positive affect on them and make them better people and better members in their communities. Explore the list of programs below, and you may find one that is perfect for your school...


Big Joe’s Wide World of Stories

Purpose: To introduce students to multicultural tales from around the world.

Appropriate Grade level: K-6

Length of show: 1hr

Description: Using a mix of classic stories and seldom heard folktlaes, Big Joe will introduce students to places and people they may not know even exist. The stoires come from large countries, as well as, obscure corners of the globe, and even from our own backyard. Through these stories, Big Joe shows that while we are all different, we all have a lot in common!



Big Joe’s Dollars and Sense

Purpose: To teach kids about the value of money and fiscal responsibility, by focusing on issues such as ways to save money; banking concepts such as cash, credit and savings accounts; the cost of modern day necessities; and ways to earn money around their homes and communities

Appropriate Grade level: K-6

Length of show: 1hr

Description: In these uncertain times, fiscal responsibility is a very important issue. With Big Joe’s “Dollars and Sense” show, kids will be introduced to money concepts that will help them now and in the future. Using some fun and funny stories from around the world and from his own experiences, as well as, some exciting activities, Big Joe helps kids to understand the importance of being smart and sensible with money. Topics that will be explored include ways to help themselves and their parents save money, the value of items, banking concepts and ways to earn money. The show will be fun and funny, but most importantly, it will be very valuable in helping kids to make sense of money!








Big Joe’s Big Green Show


Purpose: To educate children about environmental issues including recycling, going “Green” and conserving energy

Appropriate Grade level: K-6

Length of show: 1hr

Description: They say it’s not easy being green, but with Big Joe’s BIG GREEN Show, it couldn’t be easier! Big Joe the Storyteller presents a show about protecting the environment and making our world a happier and greener place to live. Using a clever mix of multicultural and original tales, along with activities and audience participation, Big Joe entertains as he educates. Kids will also laugh while they learn. The show will touch upon important environmental issues including recycling, ways to live a more eco-friendly life, and things they can do to conserve energy. By the end of the show, children will understand that “GREEN” is good!




Big Joe’s Healthy U.

Purpose: To educate children about important health issues including proper nutrition, dental health, physical fitness and illness prevention in an effort to make them healthier during their developmental years.

Appropriate Grade level: K-8

Length of program: 1hr

Description: Welcome to Healthy U. Your professor is Big Joe. With a wealth of knowledge and a collection of cool stories and fun activities, Big Joe presents 4 different “courses” designed to help kids stay healthy in a variety of ways.

 The courses are:

Healthy Teeth 101: Using fun and original stories, Big Joe teaches the importance of brushing your teeth and the proper way to get the job done. Kids will learn good dental hygiene habits, as well as, how to use and care for the most important instrument involved: the toothbrush. Along with storytelling, Big Joe will allow the audience to participate in games and other activities, designed to help enhance their learning and encourage them to use the skills they are taught.

Eating Right, Right Now: Do you know how healthy some fruits are? Do you know how much sugar is in a soda? You will know all that and more when you take part in Big Joe’s “Eat Right, Right Now.” With some tales about eating right and a host of mind blowing demonstrations, Big Joe will show you what you should eat and what you should avoid, so you can develop healthy eating habits and be on the road to good nutrition!

Fun With Fitness: You can eat right, but you won’t be right till you get out and exercise! Big Joe presents an energetic show filled with stories, activities, and tips on how to get out and get fit. Kids will get moving, as they explore fitness concepts such as the best ways to exercise, burn fat, start a family workout program, and the importance of getting a good night’s sleep! Getting fit has never been this fun!!

No Flu For You: Germs and viruses are the enemies of good health. Big Joe presents a strong dose of storytelling that will help kids learn how to prevent illness and keep their bodies healthy. Along with stories, kids will get to see some icky, yet interesting, demonstrations on how germs move and how we can stop them. With knowledge as their protection, kids will know how to prevent colds, flus, and other germs, so they will be the picture of health!


The “Healthy U.” courses can be scheduled individually, or Big Joe can do the complete program either over the span of several days or months or over one day.





Big Joe’s The Golden Rule

 Purpose: To teach kids about kindness, empathy, friendship, caring, stopping bullying and treating others as they should be treated

 Appropriate Grade level: K-8

 Length of show: 1hr

 Description: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” that is known as the Golden Rule, and in this day and age, they are definitely words to live by. Big Joe presents a show based on the golden rule aimed at teaching children how to live peaceably with each other. Using stories, personal experiences, and interactive activities, the show will focus on topics such as friendship, being kind, and caring for one another. There is also a large focus on bullying issues including how to stop bullying, how to help those being bullied, and helping someone to stop being a bully. The lessons learned from Big Joe’s show will help kids be kind to one another and treat others as they would like to be treated!





The Big Joe Colonial Show

Purpose of show: To teach children about events that happened in Colonial days including the American Revolution

Appropriate Grade Level:  Third to 8th grade

Description:  Real and historical fiction stories that teach children about the events in Colonial days through the eyes of soldiers, colonists, and children.  The stories are entertaining as well as educational and will show children what it was like to live in Colonial times.

Length of show: 45 minutes



The Big Joe Prehistoric Show

Purpose of show: to teach children about what life was like in prehistoric times

Appropriate Grade Level:  Kindergarten to 3rd grade

Description:  Stories told with dinosaur puppets, props, and audience participation that focus on what life was like in the age of the dinosaurs.  The children will get to see dinosaur puppets as well as actual fossils from the time period

Length of show: 45 minutes




The Big Joe 100 Days Show

Purpose of show: To celebrate the completion of the first 100 days of school

Appropriate Grade Level: Kindergarten to 3rd

Description:  Stories told with puppets, props, and audience participation that focus on the importance of protecting the environment, things they can do to keep the planet green and the right ways to recycle and be eco-friendly!

Length of show: 45 minutes