Availability / Length of Visit


Big Joe is available seven days a week with…

Morning and afternoon openings:   Whatever time you had in mind for your show is fine with Big Joe. Very early or very late in the day is never a problem.  As long as there is no conflict with another show, Big Joe can put you on his schedule for the time you desire!

Evening and Weekend openings for parent nights and other events:   As well as being available during the morning and afternoon, Big Joe is also available at nights and on weekends.  You can book Big Joe for parent nights, book fairs, fundraisers, and any other event where your families want to have fun! 

Advanced booking up to a year:   Big Joe’s schedule fills up fast (he is a popular storyteller), so it is always good to plan ahead. In fact, you can schedule your show up to a year in advance so that you are guaranteed to have the time and date you desire!

Monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly booking opportunities:   As far as a Big Joe show goes, once is never enough! If you would like to have Big Joe visit your center on a more consistent basis, he has packages available to make that happen.  You can have Big Joe visit once every other month, once a month, twice a month, and for an extra dose of storytelling magic, weekly packages are available as well!!

Secure bookings with no advance payment required:   You do not need to make a deposit to ensure the available date and time you booked will be there.  Big Joe works with a secure booking policy where as long as you are in his book, you are there to stay guaranteed.  The booking you make will be the booking you get, making sure Big Joe is available for you!


Length of Visit

Depending on your center’s needs, a Big Joe show can be…

1 to 4 hours in length (split up as you see fit):   If you have a large program, Big Joe can do as many shows as is needed.  With boundless energy, Big Joe can perform continuously for as long as 4 hours; meaning he can cover as many groups as you want. 

As short as 30 minutes total:  If you have a small group or are just looking for a smaller show, Big Joe can do a short 30-minute show to fit your needs. Big Joe will pack a lot of action into that half hour, so you will get a big show in a small amount of time!

Done over multiple days:   If you have groups that come on different days, you can schedule a Big Joe show to cover all the days necessary.  You can split one show to be done over both days (for example a half hour on one day and a half hour on the other) or do two full shows over two days.

Done with gaps in the middle for AM and PM groups:   If you have morning and afternoon sessions, Big Joe can accommodate both by visiting your center in the morning and again in the afternoon.  You can schedule one show to be split over the AM and PM times (for example a half hour in the AM and a half in the PM) or do one full show for each session.