Curriculum Enhancement

Preschool - Curriculum Enhancement

Big Joe can help to enhance your center's curriculum by...

Telling stories to go along with any curriculum unit:

Big Joe has hundreds of stories that can fit any theme or curriculum unit being presented in your classroom. Just let him know what you are working on, and he will tell stories that will go along with it, and help to reinforce what you are trying to teach!

Expanding on information taught in the classroom:

If you have taught your preschoolers something new and exciting, Big Joe can tell stories that will help them expand on that knowledge and solidify their understanding of it. No matter what information is presented, Big Joe has stories that will take it to a whole new level!

Presenting concepts in a unique way:

Big Joe uses storytelling, not only to entertain and enrich, but also to inform. He has a lot of stories with morals and meanings that will have an impact on his audience and emphasize certain concepts. For example, if your class is having trouble with sharing, he can tell stories that will teach them about it, in a fun and exciting way. Big Joe can allow you to get any concept or point across to your preschoolers.