“The Robin Williams of the G-rated set.”
Elizabeth Gehrman
Boston Herald.com
“One of the best in the business”
Brian McGrory
The Boston Globe
“Joe continues to entertain the children in a world where the stories are bigger than life as is the storyteller…And with smiles on their faces, the children all live happily ever after!”
Michael McInnis
Dover Sherborn
“The children can’t take their eyes off of him”
Kelly Collins
The Malden Observer
“La Loo Big Joe (Love You Big Joe)”
Age 2
“You really made the party!  Your stories and you were perfect for the crowd (including the parents!)”
Judy Levine
Birthday party client
“I hope you can come again I really liked your stories!” If you come back before Christmas I will give you a Christmas present”
Age 5 - Hilltop Learning Center
“Everyone enjoyed your stories. Kids and parents all left the library with smiles and so many positive comments.  No wonder kids who have already attended one of your performances are anxious to come to another!”
Pat Link
Northborough Library
“Big Joe I think you are funny and a great great storyteller”
Age 7 - Lawrence Public School
“You were wonderful! Our birthday party was EXTRA special because of your entertainment”
The Ryan Family
“I laughed so much I almost had to go to the bathroom”
Age 4
” My 3rd Graders were mesmerized!”
Lara Bainbridge
“When I grow up I want to be just like you!”
Age 5
“Big Joe is laugh out loud funny!!”
Age 6
“Big Joe is the most bestest storyteller in the universe!”
Age 5