With a BS in Early Childhood Education, a Masters in Education, as well as, many hours of training, Big Joe has the qualifications to present workshops to parents and teachers that are both effective and informative. Along with his educational background, Big Joe also has a wealth of field experience, with 8 years as a preschool teacher and director and 18 years as a professional storyteller. This experience has given him knowledge few presenters have, making his workshops a valuable asset to all those who take part.

Workshop Descriptions

(#1) Storytelling in the Classroom: A Workshop for Educators

This workshop focuses on finding effective storytelling material, developing the presentation skills of a storyteller, and integrating storytelling within the curriculum. This workshop combines practical knowledge, along with hands on activities, all in an effort to help teachers give their students an enriching storytelling experience. Professional development points can be obtained by participating in this workshop (see Big Joe for more details!). There is both a 60 and 90 minute version of this workshop available.

(#2) Telling Stories to Your Children: A Workshop for Parents

This workshop focuses on teaching parents storytelling skills and using those skills to incorporate storytelling into their child’s life. It discusses the benefits of storytelling, in terms of how it can be used to expand a child’s reading and comprehension levels, and improve social and emotional situations. The workshop is designed to help parents create fun and exciting storytelling experiences, so their children will get turned onto reading and see that stories aren’t just for bedtime! There is both a 60 and 90 minute version of this workshop available.

(#3) Storytelling for Nannies and Caregivers

Looking for a way to improve the attention span and comprehension level of children in your care?  Want to find a way to connect with children in a whole new way?  Tired of reading the same 5 books every day and at bedtime? Then storytelling is right for you! Drawing from his experiences as a childcare provider and storyteller, Joe offers a workshop that is both educational and entertaining.  He covers topics on the subject of telling stories to children including: the benefits of storytelling, finding the right material, techniques to effectively tell a story, and how to using storytelling creatively within a child’s life.  Joe also provides hands on activities to give his audience a better understanding of the concepts he is trying to teach.  After taking part in this workshop, nannies and caregivers will have the knowledge and power to enrich their children’s lives through the magic of storytelling! This workshop is 90 min in length.

(#4) Effective Communication with Parents and Children: A Workshop for Teachers

This workshop takes the basic elements of storytelling and applies them to the area of communication with parents and children. Being a powerful communicator is very important to maintaining good, professional relationships. The workshop focuses on using different techniques to improve communication, in an effort to be a more effective teacher. Your staff will learn how to get more out of their students, work better with parents, and enhance their role as an educational professional. There is a 60 and 90 minute version of this workshop available.

(#5) Teach Happy

Former preschool teacher, professional storyteller, and motivational speaker Joe Pagliuca (otherwise known as Big Joe the Storyteller) presents Teach Happy. It is a workshop designed to motivate educators and childcare workers to feel good about their job, help them see things from a new perspective, reclaim their love of teaching, reduce stress levels, avoid burnout, and become better more productive, professionals!  Using experiences from Joe’s days as a teacher as well as proven self-help methods, Teach Happy gives professionals techniques and training to help them be happier with their jobs, happier with those in their care, and happier in general!!  There is a 60, 90 and 2 hour version of this workshop available.

(#6) Happy Teachers

The companion workshop to Teach Happy, “Happy Teachers” is less instructional and more uproarious. This workshop focuses on the fun and funny world of dealing with young children.¬† Using tales and anecdotes from his years as a teacher and storyteller, Big Joe shares a bit of humor, wit and wisdom that will make everyone smile.¬† The goal of this workshop is to help parents, caregivers and teachers relieve stress and help them to see their role in a different light.¬† This workshop will tickle their funny bones, give them points to ponder, and rekindle their love of what they do! ¬†This workshop is perfect for the end of a professional development day or conference because it will make everyone happy and send them home with a smile! ¬†There is a 60 and 90 min version of this workshop available.


The rates for Big Joe’s workshops are based on the needs of each client and the size of the group that will be attending. ¬†His rates are flexible and can be adjusted to fit any budget. ¬†Contact Big Joe to get more information on rates for the current season.

Scheduling a workshop

Workshops can be scheduled seven days a week at any time that is needed. Advanced booking up to a year is available, and all bookings are guaranteed to be secure. To schedule a workshop, go to the contact page and find the method that is best for you.