What better place for a storyteller than a library. Big Joe has an amazing collection of original and classic stories that will be a big hit with library patrons of all ages. With his unique style, Big Joe captivates his audience and takes them on storytelling trips around the world. There will be puppets, there will be props, and best of all, there will be stories kids will not soon forget!  Big Joe encourages his audience to find more stories like the ones he tells, and the best place to look would be the library they are already in!!

Special Events

Do you have an event that is looking for something fun and exciting? Well, look no further. Big Joe offers a variety of storytelling programs that are perfect for any occasion, from fairs, grand openings, and weddings, to Christenings, holiday gatherings and everything in between! Big Joe has stories that will make your event extra special. There is no limit to the type of event Big Joe can do. As long as there are people looking to have a good time, Big Joe will be a perfect fit!

Corporate Functions

Do you want to make your employees and clients happy? Do you want to gain exposure for your business? Do you want to make your corporate function as entertaining as possible? Big Joe can do all that with his unique brand of storytelling excitement. Big Joe can make any function extra special and give your employees and their families an amazingly good time.  Whatever type of function your business is having, Big Joe has the show that is right for you!!

Fund Raisers

Big Joe loves to give back and will gladly help out with any type of fund raising event.  Whether it is to raise funds for an organization (like the American Cancer Society), a school, or any type of charity, Big Joe will be there to help.  He is always willing to donate his time to preform at the event and/or donate a gift certificate for a show to be auctioned or raffled off, so that you can reach your fund raising goals!

Summer Camps

Nothing says “summer fun” like storytelling! From campfire tales that thrill and chill to stories about fun in the sun, Big Joe offers a great storytelling program for campers of all ages. Mixing in humor, excitement, audience participation, and lots of imagination, Big Joe puts on a show that campers won’t soon forget. He is available for morning, afternoon, and evening performances and has a multitude of stories that will fit any type of occasion.

Television Productions

While not a classically trained actor, Big Joe has done a lot of work in theater and television.  He was a writer and star of the TV show, “The Story Shop” in the late 90’s, as well as, some minor roles in small children’s theater productions.  Big Joe is always looking for opportunities to express his talents and become a part of the entertainment world.  It is his dream to spread his storytelling magic and make “Big Joe” a national phenomenon! Big Joe would love to be the next big thing in children’s entertainment and hopes that someone, someday, will share in that vision.  He is not adverse to taking on other roles, as long as, he is entertaining and enriching the lives of young children!!

Availability / Booking

Big Joe is available seven days a week with…

Morning, afternoon, and evening openings:  Big Joe is a full-time storyteller, so he is able to book shows at any date or time you desire.  No matter how early or how late you want, Big Joe will be there to entertain.

Advanced booking up to a year:   Because Big Joe is so popular, his schedule fills up quickly!  To avoid missing out on the date and time you had in mind, you can book your show up to a year in advance!

Last minute booking up to a week before the date:   While he is very popular, Big Joe is not a global phenomenon (yet!).  As a result, he may have space on his schedule, if you are looking for a last minute booking.  It never hurts to try; because if Big Joe can fit you into his schedule, he will!!

Secure bookings and no deposit needed to hold:   You don’t need to make a deposit to secure your booking.  Just a confirmation is needed.  Once you are in Big Joe’s book, he is guaranteed to be at your party unless he hears differently from you!


To find the rates for your particular venue, go to the contact section and fill out a form or give Big Joe a call and he will be happy to assist you!