Big Joe has enriching and entertaining performances for preschool age children featuring…

Original and classic stories:

From a collection of over 500 tales, Big Joe has stories that will delight and amaze his audience. Some stories are classics that are very familiar (Big Joe has the greatest version of the 3 Pigs ever!), some stories have never been heard, and some were written by Big Joe himself (look for his books in bookstores soon!).  No matter what type of stories Big Joe tells, they all have one thing in common; they are fun and exciting. When choosing his tales, Big Joe only picks those that will be the most entertaining. Only stories that meet Big Joe’s high standards will be used in his performances, ensuring his audience gets the best stories possible!

Multicultural tales from around the world:

Storytelling is a way to broaden a child’s horizons and take him/her on a trip around the world, without ever leaving the classroom. Big Joe has a wonderful collection of multicultural tales that will captivate the imagination and show the audience people and places they have never seen before. All of Big Joe’s multicultural stories respect the cultures they are from and preserve the meaning and message of their origins.

Fascinating puppets and props:

Preschoolers are very visual learners and need a little more from their storytelling experience.  To give them more, Big Joe uses a whole menagerie of puppets and some very interesting props, to help bring his stories to life. While he is not a ventriloquist, Big Joe puts a lot of charm and energy into his puppets, making them a big part of his show. Combined with some fascinating props and other items, Big Joe’s storytelling show takes things to a whole new level of fun!

Audience participation:

Big Joe feels that storytelling is something everyone should take part in. As a result, he includes lots of opportunities for his audience to participate in the show. From different chants, to movements, to choral speaking and other types of actions, Big Joe lets preschoolers experience the stories in a whole new way.

Toddler Programs

Toddlers have very different needs from preschoolers, a fact Big Joe is very aware of. As a result, he has created a show with them in mind. Big Joe uses a mix of shorter and less complex stories along with colorful and non-threatening puppets and props. The tales are told at a softer level with gentle voice tones and limited movements, so that toddlers who are sensitive to abrupt sounds and actions will not be frightened. Big Joe puts on a show that will put toddlers at ease and let them enjoy a great storytelling experience.

Curriculum Enhancement

Big Joe can help to enhance your center’s curriculum by…

Telling stories to go along with any curriculum unit:

Big Joe has hundreds of stories that can fit any theme or curriculum unit being presented in your classroom. Just let him know what you are working on, and he will tell stories that will go along with it, and help to reinforce what you are trying to teach!

Expanding on information taught in the classroom:

If you have taught your preschoolers something new and exciting, Big Joe can tell stories that will help them expand on that knowledge and solidify their understanding of it. No matter what information is presented, Big Joe has stories that will take it to a whole new level!

Presenting concepts in a unique way:

Big Joe uses storytelling, not only to entertain and enrich, but also to inform. He has a lot of stories with morals and meanings that will have an impact on his audience and emphasize certain concepts. For example, if your class is having trouble with sharing, he can tell stories that will teach them about it, in a fun and exciting way. Big Joe can allow you to get any concept or point across to your preschoolers.


Big Joe is available seven days a week with…

Morning and afternoon openings:   Whatever time you had in mind for your show is fine with Big Joe. Very early or very late in the day is never a problem.  As long as there is no conflict with another show, Big Joe can put you on his schedule for the time you desire!

Evening and Weekend openings for parent nights and other events:   As well as being available during the morning and afternoon, Big Joe is also available at nights and on weekends.  You can book Big Joe for parent nights, book fairs, fundraisers, and any other event where your families want to have fun!

Advanced booking up to a year:   Big Joe’s schedule fills up fast (he is a popular storyteller), so it is always good to plan ahead. In fact, you can schedule your show up to a year in advance so that you are guaranteed to have the time and date you desire!

Monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly booking opportunities:   As far as a Big Joe show goes, once is never enough! If you would like to have Big Joe visit your center on a more consistent basis, he has packages available to make that happen.  You can have Big Joe visit once every other month, once a month, twice a month, and for an extra dose of storytelling magic, weekly packages are available as well!!

Secure bookings with no advance payment required:   You do not need to make a deposit to ensure the available date and time you booked will be there.  Big Joe works with a secure booking policy where as long as you are in his book, you are there to stay guaranteed.  The booking you make will be the booking you get, making sure Big Joe is available for you!

Length of Visit

Depending on your center’s needs, a Big Joe show can be…

1 to 4 hours in length (split up as you see fit):   If you have a large program, Big Joe can do as many shows as is needed.  With boundless energy, Big Joe can perform continuously for as long as 4 hours; meaning he can cover as many groups as you want.

As short as 30 minutes total:  If you have a small group or are just looking for a smaller show, Big Joe can do a short 30-minute show to fit your needs. Big Joe will pack a lot of action into that half hour, so you will get a big show in a small amount of time!

Done over multiple days:   If you have groups that come on different days, you can schedule a Big Joe show to cover all the days necessary.  You can split one show to be done over both days (for example a half hour on one day and a half hour on the other) or do two full shows over two days.

Done with gaps in the middle for AM and PM groups:   If you have morning and afternoon sessions, Big Joe can accommodate both by visiting your center in the morning and again in the afternoon.  You can schedule one show to be split over the AM and PM times (for example a half hour in the AM and a half in the PM) or do one full show for each session.


Big Joe’s rate packages feature…

Competitive pricing for single bookings: You shouldn’t have to break the bank for a quality, enrichment program. As a result, Big Joe offers rates that are below those of other enrichment providers. Please note, however, that even though his fees are less than most, the quality of his show is much higher!

Adjusted rates for longer bookings: As the length of the show you need increases, Big Joe’s hourly rate decreases; in an effort to make a longer show more cost-effective. If you have a large program, Big Joe can adjust his rates so that everyone will get to experience the Big Joe show at a price that is right for you!

Discounted rates for multiple bookings: Big Joe has many booking packages available including: monthly, bi-monthly, and even weekly. Each of these packages feature rates that are well below those of his single booking arrangement; meaning you will be able to afford to make Big Joe a regular visitor to your center!

Discounted rates for multiple center bookings: If you have several centers under your control, Big Joe can offer special discounted rates, if he is booked for those centers. Whether you are a small or a large chain, Big Joe can offer rates that will allow you to share his stories with all of your centers!

Flexible rates for non-profit organizations: Realizing that some centers service the public through non-profit means, Big Joe offers rates that will fit within their budgets and allow them to bring his show to their program. The most valuable thing in the world is education, and Big Joe will go to great lengths to accomplish that goal!

Donation of services: Big Joe is always willing to help charity groups, fund raising endeavors, and any occasion done in the service of those in need. As a result, Big Joe will gladly donate a show to be used as an auction or raffle item and will perform for free to help a good cause!


To book a Big Joe show and to get information on the rates for the current season, go to the contact section and fill out a form or give Big Joe a call and he will be happy to assist you!