The Show

A birthday party is a way to celebrate a child’s special day and what better way to make that day even more special than with a storytelling show!!

Big Joe puts on an amazing and exciting birthday show featuring…

Amazing Stories:

From a collection of over 500 tales, Big Joe has stories that will delight and amaze his audience. Some stories are familiar (Big Joe has the greatest version of the 3 Pigs ever!), some stories have never been heard, and some were written by Big Joe himself (look for his books in bookstores soon!). No matter what type of stories Big Joe tells, they all have one thing in common; they are fun and exciting. When choosing his tales, Big Joe makes sure to pick those that will be the most entertaining. Only stories that meet Big Joe’s high standards will be used in his performances, ensuring his audience gets the best experience possible!

Puppets and Props:

As funny and engaging as Big Joe is audiences these days always want more! To give them more, Big Joe uses a whole menagerie of puppets and some very interesting props, to help bring his stories to life. While he is not a ventriloquist, Big Joe puts a lot of charm and energy into his puppets, making them a big part of his show. Combined with some fascinating props and other items, Big Joe’s storytelling show takes things to a whole new level of fun!

Audience Participation:

Kids at birthday parties have lots of energy (and a wavering attention spans), so it is unfair to ask them to sit still and be quiet for a long period of time! Knowing this, Big Joe has added in a lot of audience participation elements, to make them part of the show. With different chants, finger plays, and group interaction, Big Joe gives his audience a chance to be expressive, get their wiggles out and, most of all, have fun!

Special story starring the birthday child:

It is your child’s birthday… his/her special day… he/she is the STAR!! Big Joe knows this, and treats your child accordingly! Along with choosing stories he/she will like and catering to his/her interests, Big Joe always includes a special story where your child gets to be the star! Big Joe will guide him/her through the performance, give him/her lines, and make him/her feel like the star he/she is. If your child happens to be a bit shy or reserved, Big Joe simply uses his/her name in a story so that way he/she will get to feel extra special!


Big Joe carries with him a very cool and colorful trunk filled with his props and puppets. Also, inside are some special surprises! Whether it’s a unique item (like Big Joe’s glowing crystal sphere), a magic trick or his pet frog, Fred, Big Joe always has something that will thrill his audience. Along with all the other surprises, Big Joe always has one final surprise for the birthday child. At the end of the show, Big Joe gives the birthday child a special gift that will make his/her day. What is that special gift you ask? Well, if you have Big Joe at your child’s party, you will find out!!

Themes and Interests

Big Joe can tailor make a show to fit your child’s interests or the overall theme of the party by including stories about…

  • Favorite storybook characters
  • Dramatic play themes\
  • TV or movie characters
  • Pop culture items
  • Pets or best friends

Whatever his/her interest, Big Joe will have stories to make your child happy!


Want to make a Big Joe show even bigger? Then you might want to add something extra such as…

Face Painting:

Aside from being a great storyteller, Big Joe is also a great face painter as well! Using kid safe paints and lots of skill, Big Joe can turn a kid’s face, cheek, or arm into a work of art!

Balloon Animals:

Want an extra feature with a twist, then Big Joe has what it takes! Mastering the fine art of balloon sculpting, Big Joe can make some amazing balloon animals that each child can take home and enjoy (the feature is not recommended for children 2 and under!)

Both together:

What’s better than face painting OR balloon animals? How about face painting AND balloon animals? Big Joe thinks you can never have enough of a good thing. By including both face painting and balloon animals, your party will be extra, extra fun!!

Length of Show

The times listed are the typical length of a Big Joe show…

  • 45 minutes for a show (children 3 and up)
  • 75 minutes for a show with an extra feature (3+up)
  • 90min(+) for a show with both extra features (3+up)
  • 30 minutes for a show (children 2 and under)
  • 60 minutes for a show with an extra feature (2+under)
    Flex Time: A Big Joe show can be longer or shorter than normal. Big Joe can be flexible with the length of the show to fit your needs.

Appropriate Age Group

You are never too young (or too old) to enjoy a Big Joe show. Big Joe has shows perfect for…


Using short stories with simple plots and lots of puppets, Big Joe creates a show that caters to the developmental needs of a toddler. The show will not overwhelm or scare toddlers, but instead, will put them at ease and give them a lot to smile about!

Preschool-age children:

Preschoolers are full of wonder and imagination, and Big Joe puts on a show that keeps this in mind. Using fascinating tales, along with puppets, props and audience participation, Big Joe creates an experience that is age and developmentally appropriate for preschoolers, and most of all very fun!

School-age children:

The older a child gets, the less likely he/she wants “kiddie” type entertainment. As a result, Big Joe has a birthday show for school age children that they will love!  There are age appropriate stories (Big Joe has tales for kids from 1st to 6th grade), with less puppets (although there are still some because even older kids like puppets), lots more adventure and excitement, and a bit longer than the stories for preschoolers!  Big Joe has stories to fit any theme or interest of school age children including current trends and any subject they like.  The show is fun and entertaining and is sure to make their day extra special!


Big Joe is available seven days a week with…

Morning, afternoon, and evening openings:  Big Joe is a full-time storyteller, so he is able to book shows at any date or time you desire. No matter how early or how late you want, Big Joe will be there to entertain!

Advanced booking up to a year:  Because Big Joe is so popular, his schedule fills up quickly! To avoid missing out on the date and time you had in mind, you can book your show up to a year in advance!

Last minute booking up to a week before the date:  While he is very popular, Big Joe is not a global phenomenon (yet!). As a result, he may have space on his schedule, if you are looking for a last minute booking. It never hurts to try; if Big Joe can fit you into his schedule, he will!!

Secure bookings and no deposit needed to hold:  You don’t need to make a deposit to secure your booking. Just a confirmation is needed. Once you are in Big Joe’s book, he is guaranteed to be at your party unless he hears differently from you!

Cancelation Policy

You want to make sure you have entertainment for your party, and Big Joe makes every effort to ensure that happens. If for any reason Big Joe is unable to make it to your party, he will provide comparable entertainment at the same agreed upon fee. If you ever need to cancel, simply inform Big Joe within an appropriate amount of time, and he will take you off his schedule.


To book a Big Joe show, go to the contact section and fill out a form or give Big Joe a call and he will be happy to assist you!


Big Joe’s Rates are… Lower than most other entertainers: Big Joe feels you don’t need to go broke to give your child a wonderful birthday.  As a result, he has set his prices lower than most other entertainers.  Please note, however, that even though his fees are less than most entertainers, the quality of his show is much higher!

Flexible enough to fit the needs of his clients: Big Joe’s rates are flexible and can adjust based on the size of your group, the age of your child, the length of show, the extra feature you desire, or any other need you may have.  No matter what your situation, Big Joe can provide a rate that will fit your needs and fit into your party budget!

Discounted for children who have seen Big Joe before: Seeing Big Joe in person and wanting him for your event is the best kind of advertising ever.  Recognizing this,  Big Joe offers discounted rates for families who have seen him before.  Whether you have seen him once or a whole bunch of times, Big Joe treats his fans with a very special rate.  Be sure to ask about this when booking!

Contact Big Joe to get more information on his current rates!