In an effort to reach a wider audience across the country and around the world, (and to deal with the unprecedented events of 2020), Big Joe has added a virtual component to his storytelling business.  “Virtual Big Joe” is now available for all storytelling bookings.  Using platforms such as Zoom, Big Joe is able to bring amazing live virtual shows right to your tablet, laptop, TV or other connected devices.  With a huge selection of stories told with props, puppets, audience participation and some awesome special effects, Big Joe puts on a show that is perfect for all ages and all occasions. No matter where you are, Virtual Big Joe can come to you and give you old fashioned storytelling in a whole new way!


Live Virtual Big Joe shows shows can be done through Zoom and other platforms (such as Google Hangouts, Webex, or Microsoft Teams).  Links can be created and sent from Big Joe or initiated from the client.  Shows can be done through tablets, laptops, smart TVs, phones or any other connected devices.  Shows can be recorded by the client with prior permission, or if requested Big Joe can also record the show on his end and send it digitally with or without effects (title cards, transitions etc).  Big Joe can also prerecord a show for your group to be viewed at other times.

Types of Shows

Virtual Big Joe can be booked for schools, preschools, libraries, camps, events, special occasions, corporate functions, online shows, and anywhere a great story is needed!

Age Range

Big Joe has virtual shows for everyone from toddlers to adults, and has shows for different age ranges as well as mixed age groups.

Length of Show

A Virtual Big Joe can be scheduled for as short as 3 min or as long as 2 hours (and beyond).  Virtual shows can be split into smaller segments to accommodate different groups and can be scheduled together or done at different times throughout the day or over multiple days.


Virtual Big Joe’s schedule is much more flexible than his regular shows.  With no need for travel, Virtual Big Joe can be booked at any time and shows can be scheduled right next to each other further increasing availability! Shows can be scheduled in the morning, midday or evening and spaces are available seven days a week. If you are in a different part of the country or around the world, Virtual Big Joe show can be booked in your time zone, at the time that is the best suited for you!


With travel and other such logistics removed, the fee for a Virtual Big Joe show is lower than a regular in person show.  Shows can be tailored to fit any budget and Big Joe is very flexible. Discounts are available for multiple bookings, clients who have used Big Joe in the real world, and families who have seen Big Joe before!