Along with my amazing in person shows, I have added all new Virtual Big Joe shows!!!   I started doing my virtual shows in March 2020 when the pandemic closed everything down.  Using my virtual shows I was able to bring my storytelling to schools, libraries, parties and other functions where people were stuck inside.  The cool part of my virtual storytelling is that I was able to take my show not only to local venues but also other states and also other countries.  Virtual Big Joe has made his way to many states in this country and other countries including, Bermuda, Ireland, England, Australia, and India!!!   While this started as a way to deal with the world situation, it has become a vital part of my business.  So I will now be offering Virtual Big Joe shows for all venues now, and when the world goes back to normal!

You now have the choice of an in person Big Joe show (done to meet all safety regulations), or a Virtual Big Joe show (through Zoom and similar platforms) when you book a show!  Book your show today for in person or Virtual fun!!

-Big Joe

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