With Home Schooling becoming more popular and prevalent due to world conditions and the sound option it offers parents, there is a greater need for quality enrichment.  Because of this, Big Joe has developed Storytelling Enrichment programs for home school families and organizations.  The storytelling programs feature multicultural tales of all types from around the world that are educational, enriching, and very entertaining!  The stories cover a wide range of themes and topics that go along with various home school curriculums.  The programs also feature activities that that tie into the stories including elements of language, creative writing, art, math, and science.

Big Joe’s enrichment programs can be presented live via platforms such as Zoom and Facebook Live, or prerecorded and sent directly to individuals or groups.  Big Joe also offers live in person presentations seven days a week!  The fee for the programs can be tailored to the needs of the clients.  Clients can select individual programs, or choose to purchase packages that feature monthly, twice a month, or weekly programs.

Big Joe offers  programs throughout the school year and even in summer because learning happens all year long!

For more information, please fill out a contact form or email Big Joe directly at: bigjoe@bigjoe.com


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