Silly Stuff

Here are some silly stuff about Big Joe and stuff that are just silly…..

  • Big Joe’s favorite food is pizza
  • Big Joe has a gold tooth he calls his pirate tooth. Ask him about it and he will show it to you!
  • Big Joe knows over 300 stories. 
  • His favorite story is King Midas and the Golden Touch
  • Big Joe has about 75 different puppets in his collection
  • He told his very first professional story on June 17th 1996
  • When he is not telling stories, Big Joe likes to read, watch TV and annoy Mrs. Big Joe
  • Big Joe has no children, but he does want to get a monkey (Mrs. Big Joe says NO!)
  • One time while he was on vacation in Las Vegas, Big Joe lost at tic tac toe to a chicken!
  • In his career, Big Joe has dressed as: The Cat in the Hat, YO Gabba Gabba characters, a chicken, a bagel, a cup of coffee, a clown, and a dinosaur